Am Beauty Mist

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This daily face moisturizer with rose water is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin and will leave your skin feeling supple and deeply hydrated with fine, dry lines reduced

About this item

  • Soft rose petal fragrance cleanses and conditions face and skin without removing essential moisture
  • Un-distilled witch hazel is 100% natural astringent for your entire body- non-distilled witch hazel
  • Sensitive witch hazel to make your own facewash, facial scrub, makeup remover, deodorant, acne cleanser
  • Gentle relief for oily, irritated, red, blemish, inflamed, damaged, burned, or dried out skin
  • and Made with organic aloe vera and free of alcohol, parabens and propylene glycol

Toners are necessary because they:

  • complete cleansing process by removing debris and impurities from your skin that usual cleansing skipped
  • prepare skin for application other skin care products
  • infuse skin with ingredients necessary for skin health
  • replenish outer lipid barrier that was removed during cleansing process
  • restore skin pH balance
  • Rose essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator," says Oliver. "It helps promote healthy-looking skin and does a great job of moisturizing dry skin.



Spray on face in the Morning or Night wait til dry. Wash face with hot towel. Enjoy your Beauti 


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